Hardings Border Collies Purchase Agreement   


********SAMPLE CONTRACT*********

This is a contract between the seller Hardings Border Collies; Kelsey and Candace Harding And the Undersigned Buyer is purchasing this working Border Collie Puppy, for: $______ with  registration from the "__" litter of __________________________ and Dam __________________________ born on ____________ 

Buyer is placing a deposit on the puppy and it is due in the amount of $250 by PMO or PayPal, with this signed and returned contract (if using PayPal for the deposit there will be a $9.00 fee). The Deposit is NON refundable. The deposit will be applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs relayed by B6DR Dalmatians; up to and including kennel, vets certificates etc. IF shipping, full payment INCLUDING ALL Shipping costs are due and payable by postal money order by the time the pup is 6 weeks or 2 weeks prior to tentative ship date if pup needs to be shipped via means specified by breeder; reservations will be made once full payment is received.  Pickup: Final payment is due at pickup and will include a sales tax for Montgomery County if picked up in Kansas. Notice will be given when puppies are ready. Arrangements to pick up the puppy is the buyers responsibility; failure to make arrangements for puppy pick up will result in forfeiture of puppy and deposit.  Puppies left past 8 weeks will be charged $50 per week or $7 a day if less than one week plus vetting costs incurred.  If the puppy’s fees are not paid and exceed the original purchase price then the buyer agrees to forfeit ownership of this puppy. 

Buyer agrees to abide by the terms as stated in this agreement. This transaction is under the following warranties and/or conditions and no other warranties or conditions are expressed or implied.    

  • Buyer understands these Border Collies are raised and bred as working herding dogs; with the temperament and disposition to match; buyer agrees to train puppy and give puppy the mental stimulation needed..

  • The purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 2 days/24 hours of possession to verify health of the puppy. The examine must be done by a licensed veterinarian is required or well pup guarantee is invalid, copy of visit to be mailed to Kelsey or Candace Harding.  Should the puppy be unhealthy, with a life Threatening defect undetected by us or our veterinarian, it may be returned, within 3 business days with a written explanation from the veterinarian at the expense of the buyer. Seller will exchange the puppy for another of equal value (sex/color and cost) as soon as one is available. No cash refunds will be given. The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses at any time.

  • Breeder is not responsible for diseases or illnesses contracted after the puppy leaves the confines of the property. The puppy has been vet checked and is in good health upon receipt.  Failure to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within the stated amount of time or any evidence of abuse, neglect, or mishandling releases the breeder from any liability regarding the puppy. Breeder cannot guarantee against worms or protozoa or the like in puppies as it is something that must be followed up. Breeder has supplied all worming and shot records to date, it is the responsibility of the adopter to continue with follow up care a puppy needs

  • If your puppy is confirmed to have a hereditary or congenital defect that effects its health within 1 year, it may be returned with papers, with a written explanation from the veterinarian at the expense of the buyer. The breeder will replace the puppy; however the breeder is not obligated to replace the exact color/pattern/sex of the puppy.  Although all attempts to do so will be made.   There will be no cash refunds.

  • This puppy is guaranteed to be free of genetic eye and hip defects until the age of 14 months. The dog must be x-rayed and the x-rays sent off to OFA for Prelim Certification by 14 months for the Hip guarantee to be valid. It is required that the puppy be OFA certified between 24-26 months old. The buyer shall be responsible for any expenses incurred for these tests. A copy of these test results is to be mailed to the Breeder. If the dog is found to be affected with HD, the dog will be replaced or the purchase price refunded (breeders Choice) if no puppies are available within the next 12 months. The defective dog must be returned to the breeder. (optional) The buyer pays the cost of shipping the replacement puppy. 

  • The breeder is not to be held responsible for any expenses related to the raising or training of the dog prior to the hip and eye testing. Our guarantee does not cover bad hips if you over crate you dog or injuries; by accident or mishandling. For the first year in a puppy’s life the bones are still growing and developing. Kenneling for too long a period, Jumping a puppy too high and frequently can cause health problems. The puppy is not to be jumped over elbow height prior to one year of age, or hip guarantee is null and void.  

  • We place our puppies in homes we intend to be permanent, however as the breeder of the puppy, we will always accept its return. There will be no refund of the original purchase price .

  • Buyer shall take proper precautions for care and safety of the puppy. Care shall include but is not limited to: fenced yard proper shelter, proper exercise, socialization, quality food, fresh water, vaccinations and other care required by Veterinarian including routine wormings and shots. Guarantees do not cover worms or protozoa, as these can be picked up once the puppy leave.. All warrantees are invalid if puppy’s illness or death is the result of neglect, exposure to weather, injury, choking or poisoning. 

  • Buyer shall be responsible for all liabilities or expenses connected with the above mentioned puppy after taking possession.

  •  If any these items are not done within these time frames your guarantee is null and void

  • The value for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price, and does not include shipping costs, health certificate, shipping crate or any additional costs. At no point will any refund exceed the original purchase price

  • If the dog is sent back to the breeder for any reason, the ABCA papers must be given to the breeder with a signed transfer; no replacement or refund will be given without the return of papers with the dog. 

  • If the puppy is confirmed to have a hereditary defect as covered by the guarantees, the breeder will replace the puppy with one of equal or lesser value. Guarantee must be utilized it is only for the adoption fee paid and it will be applied towards current value of pups available not to include credit for any shipping. Replacement covered by guarantee must claimed within one year from date of offer or breeder will be released from this obligation. The breeder is not obligated to replace the exact color/pattern/sex; although all attempts to do so will be made.  The value  for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original adoption fee , and does not include shipping costs, health certificate, shipping crate or any additional costs. At no point will be cash refunds. 

I agree to honor this contract and I understand the puppy guarantee and failure to comply with any provision of the guarantee voids contract and the guarantees are only ones stated within this contract and take precedence over anything else written or stated. If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees that the place of venue for such action shall be the state of Kansas in Montgomery County. Any legal fees incurred in upholding this contract will be paid by the Buyer.  This contract is legally binding to all parties named within and applies to only the buyer and the seller named below and is not transferable to other parties. If the buyer sells puppy to a 3rd party, the  contract is Null and Void. I agree to honor this contract and I understand the guarantee and failure to comply with any provision of the guarantee voids contract.

Executed this day of _________________________________

Pup name: ____________________________   Registration Number: pending  Color: __________________________

Identifying Markings (If any): _________________________________

Seller: ______________________________  Buyer: ________________________________


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